Now Hiring

To the entire senior healthcare professional and qualified, it is to be announced that we are hiring certified medical assistants, certified nursing assistants, and business administration in Mesquite, Texas (75149). The good thing is, young registered nurses and housekeepers are also welcomed to apply at our institute if they are eager to pursue their career at an innovative and proficient medical lodge. 

We do understand that in medical institutes and departments, despite being related to the most welcoming place, necessary facilities and services are missing especially when it comes to the junior staff members. This is the reason we are welcoming applicants from entire Texas to apply to our job and enjoy great job benefits such as:

1.     Interactive Salary:

We offer the best salary packages to our employees based on their duty hours. Salaries we offer are better and more significant than any other medical institutes. From senior healthcare professional to a junior housekeeper, everybody gets enough salaries for not only their bread and butter but also to save enough for the rainy days. You can compare salary packages with other institutes before entering and joining our organization.

2.     Attractive Relevant Allowances:

Along with the salary, we have got job relevant allowances like lunch allowance, medical allowance, senior healthcare allowance, kids’ education funds, senior rehabilitation services, mutual benefits, assisted living and, free pick and drop service in extraordinary circumstances. Well, we believe that when a person is mentally free from tensions and problems related to income, they work better. Hence, to provide the best working environment to our employees, we offer best and interactive relevant allowances that you can consult about at the time of joining.

3.     Learning Environment:

Being one of the most innovative medical organizations, we believe that learning of a person never gets finished in one life. Moreover, we don’t terminate our good employees just on the basis of lack of knowledge regarding some specific subject. Therefore, we offer regular training sessions and workshops to our team in which they can learn new things about nursing assistance and friendly housekeeping. Our senior members will take the test, and on the basis of test performance, people can get a salary and rank increments.

4.     Comfortable Atmosphere:

We have got the best working atmosphere for our staff members where they cannot only work in a tension free manner instead they can enjoy their everyday working. We know, when the mood of staff members will be happy, they can better assist the patients and give them excellent caretaking. So, for this cause, the working environment in our medical lodge is entirely comfortable and tension free.

5.     Friendly Supervision:

Supervisors and senior members at our hospital are very friendly and affectionate. You can approach them any time for your problems, and they will help you in the first place. Board members and senior hospital staff are ready to take your care and also help you with certain things. You can share your work-related problems, and they will assist you at an extra personal level. We want our staff members to feel unique and best.

6.     Attached to the Nearest Nursing Hostel:

For our employees coming to Texas from other cities and remote areas, we have nursing hostels where they can stay and have the best accommodations. Comfortable living is available while the hostels are quitter nearer from the medical campus. At the hostels, you get assisted living and senior rehabilitation services in order to come to work fresh every day. Also in case of being sick, you get senior healthcare allowances from our institute.

7.     Annually and Performance-Based Increments:

We offer guaranteed increments to our employees on per annum basis. Every year, salaries and allowances will be increased. Moreover, in exceptional circumstances, medical allowances can be improved even before 12 months. Besides this, on the basis of performance, employees can get the best benefits, bonuses, and salary increments throughout the year. No other institute offers facilities like ours as we provide at our medical lodge.

8.     Annual Paid Leaves/ Paid Sick Leaves:

For sick employees, essential pieces of work, and other tasks annual leaves are offered. In case of severe health issues, you get paid sick leaves, and no amount will be cut like a fine from your salary. Also, for pregnant nurses and women, maternity leaves are also offered with salary and special bonuses so that they can enjoy their maternity period and give birth to healthy children.

9.     Feasible Duty Hours:

With the best salary, best medical allowances, and greater mutual benefits, our medical lodge offers available duty hours. You will not have to work day and night in order to stay at your job. Our staff members are many in numbers thus duties kept on changing from time to time. You will be asked before assigning you your duty hours, and an employee can entirely choose hours of working according to his/her choice. However, in exceptional circumstances, your duty timing can vary. 


10.                       Complaint Assistance:

In case of having management complaints from senior members, management staff, or other fellow employees, a person can reach us any minute. However, complaint process should be followed in directive manners such as in some cases, you may have to submit written application to our senior complaint management and advisory staff. However, your complaints will be given importance, and those will be solved at priority.

You may haven’t seen such a big essay and content on hiring staff members. Well, we believe that nurses and patients should be given equal importance as they both belong to the same human race. We want our employees to enjoy their job as in this way their abilities and skills will excel and shine. We want our staff to be the best staff, so we offer them the best job conditions.

If you have got any questions, queries, suggestions, or comments, you can directly contact us. Lastly, our hiring period is a little less hence you need to be in a rush to get this job for sure and must.

Thomas Dvorak